Social Media Marketing

Most local-serving businesses have grown by building relationships, adapting to market trends and by sweating the details. Business owners can tell you all about profit margins, balance sheets, cash flow projections & revenue. Ironically, the most frequent “growth plan” is to “cut costs & get more clients”. The first can be easily quantified but “getting more clients” can be a tougher hill to climb.

That is why you are on our website right now. You could use help but you need results. You define “results” as calls, emails, new revenue & new clients: Period.

The rules have changed.

As consumers, we are so saturated by images and messages, that even a relevant message can be overlooked or ignored – and advertising can have some trust issues.

​Today consumers research online, then use social channels to avoid mistakes.

Inbound is the new King.

You may agree, that a prospect originating from a referral is your best lead. Social marketing’s core purpose is to harvest “referral” leads by positioning your business as relevant, authoritative and trustworthy. Social also offers hyper-targeted ad choices.

Does anyone know a ……?

The average Facebook user has 180+ FB friends & hundreds more on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.) Social media is a collision of personal & professional relationships. Provide meaningful content and you will build a army of loyal followers; and their people.

​Your business is the fire. Social marketing is gasoline.

We bring new prospects…

You take it from there.