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You run a business. It reflects your vision, your sacrifice & your dedication. We help you keep moving forward. Of course we know digital marketing, but importantly, we deeply understand the heart of small business.

“VentraLocal brings simplicity to the chaos of gaining new, local customers from the web.” – Greg Ventresca, Founder

Local SEO

You provide a service. Clients come to you, or you go to them. We focus on your service area alone.

Reputation Mgmt

Are you a hero or a villain? Reviews influence decisions. We help you get fresh reviews, and manage poor or fake ones.

Website Design

Your gorgeous new site will load fast, get fresh updates, and resize for any device; attract, sell, then celebrate.

Social Media

Using social media, we target your message, get referrals, and build an army of fans that will share their experience.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you want new clients immediately, targeted ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN, and social brings visitors, calls & results.

Performance Tracking

Marketing strategies must adapt. Buyers use so many channels & devices. If you don’t measure, you’re guessing.

This is really big (huge)…

One client per profession/per market served.
When you partner with us, we represent you only.

No other digital marketing agency does this; none.
​Your success is our focus. We have never lost a client.

Speak with a digital marketing expert.

Marketing Articles

How is Facebook Taking on Clickbait and Black Hat Marketing?

How is Facebook Taking on Clickbait and Black Hat Marketing?

You’ve probably seen stories all over the internet, especially on Facebook. “OSU basketball player gets arrested yesterday, you’ll be shocked when you learn why,” or, “New study reveals these kitchen products are killing you. Chances are you’re using them.”​ Combined...

Master these 7 steps: you will make money.

Master these 7 steps: you will make money.

Whether you’ve been selling for years or you’re just starting out, these 7 tips will help you reach your own goals; career & financial. 1: GPS MAP YOUR PATH TO SUCCESS Just like mapping app, "enter" your destination. For example, if your goal is to add 2 new...

Your SEO strategy is partying like its 2012…

Your SEO strategy is partying like its 2012…

So you are an SEO God. You can effortlessly stream important ingredients like meta, title, keyword density, alt image naming, sitemaps, and fast load. Unless you are optimizing for a business located in the center of a very small town, you've been left behind. The SEO...

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