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You are vital to our community. You maintain our health, tend to our pets, care for our homes & businesses, and advise our legal challenges. Running your business takes vision, dedication & sacrifice. Our family business brings a unique understanding, expertise, and affordability.

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Our Marketing Toolbox

You want new clients, we bring them to you. Choose a marketing service to learn more about how we do it.

Web Design

Your website is not only beautiful but loads fast, attracts customers like a magnet then converts to sales.

Search Marketing

Dominate the top of relevant Google searches. Stand out from the competition and drive sales all the way home.

Local SEO & Maps

If customers are looking, we make sure they find you. Every cent and effort is focused only on your area.

Social Media

Social media is the gasoline to your fire. We’ll use it to drive customers to your site and make your brand recognizable


90% of consumers read online reviews before ever visiting your site. We’ll make sure the first impression is a good one. 

Data Tracking

If you’re not measuring, you’re guessing. We’ll track, analyze, adjust then track again, always adapting and perfecting.   

How much growth do you want?

Every business owner has a unique story to tell. What problem does your business address? Why is your business the best solution?

We are uniquely qualified to help your local-serving business. Local is even in our name. We are obsessed with your success.

We won't work with your competitors.

You get 100% of our focus to make your business beat the competition - no matter how big they are...

No long term contract.

You've probably been stung a time or two.
Like any relationship, we should both feel great about it.

Hear from our clients

Belpre Dental

“The company I work for, and I have been very pleased with Greg and his team. They have done a great job catering to our specific needs and vision. The advertisements they have created for us have been modern, professional, and on-brand. They have provided consistent visibility of what the team is working on through data and monthly summary emails. Good response time, flexible, and professional. I would recommend to other companies looking for a digital marketing company they can trust.”

Collision Repair Center

“We approached Greg as a small family owned and operated business seeking professional help in all manners of marketing; from social media, website design, paid ads, and content creation. Thankfully, Greg does it all. He and his daughter provided the personal, local, family owned business approach that we sought. Greg has been an absolute pleasure to work with, his professionalism is only matched by his work ethic. But all of this praise would mean nothing without results. Since bringing Greg into our family we have made enormous strides in establishing our company’s online presence which has lead to a tangible increase in sales. Undoubtedly linked to Greg’s personal touch on our marketing.”

Bendig Law

“Greg has been assisting me with web design and Internet prominence. He is very efficient and produces good results.”


“I have been in real estate for over 30 years and always relied on marketing assistance from my past brokers and the company I worked for at that time. Since VentraLocal Marketing started assisting me with this task, I have been very pleased to say, ” I wish I would have known about their services sooner.” My web presence now is by far much better than before and they have given me the attention I need to maintain a competitive, fresh web site that is comparable to many other successful agent’s web sites in this field. I can now share, I am receiving help in so many areas and my business is expanding because of their effort to help me stay current and up to date with new ideas to give me everything I need to be a successful real estate agent in the industry I love.”

Commercial Painting

“[We] have been working with Greg and VentraLocal for years now and can honestly say that if you or your company is in need of a company to help with your marketing and advertising needs, then look no further. Greg and the VentraLocal team have been able to help Modern Painting with everything from designing and operating our website to managing our marketing and advertising strategy to ensure prospective customers are constantly directed to see what Modern Painting has to offer.

Maybe the most important factor for a marketing/advertising company is being able to direct the correct clientele to your website or ad. The VentraLocal team is very knowledgeable on where to allocate resources, keywords, updating the website, etc. to ensure the right clientele is directed to your website/ads.”

Badges & Awards

SocialAppsHQ award for top Facebook Marketing Agency in Columbus - Digital Marketing
Design Rush Top marketing agency in Columbus 2024
Certification badge from facebook for Digital Marketing Associate
Upcity award for Top Web Designer - Digital Marketing
Upcity award for Top Web Designer - Digital Marketing
Alignable award for being a highly recommended digital marketers

Marketing Insights

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How AI Can Help Your Small Business

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Use Other Search Engines To Improve Your SEO Strategy
Use Other Search Engines To Improve Your SEO Strategy

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