Put on your green peacoat and make some noise!

Who can forget (and not get excited) about Santa coming in this scene from Elf.

​The fact is; enthusiasm is contagious. Get excited. Get and people will watch & listen. We all love when someone is passionate about something.

In business, there are “brand enthusiasts”. If the love your story, product or service they spread your word.

​Brand enthusiasts are more than fans – they spread the word far & wide without expectation of compensation. Did you know that more than 25% of consumers are considered brand enthusiasts? That number DOUBLES among Millennials, whose social media skill makes them the most powerful & effective purveyors of enthusiasm – not to mention a powerhouse purchasing demographic. enthusiasts are more than fans – they spread the word far & wide without expectation of compensation.

Catering to your brand enthusiasts should be a no-brainer. They elevate your brand from a deeply personal place to a willing audience. Simply, they can be the most effective tool in your toolbox. But reaching these percolators of enthusiasm is no easy task.

Start with these easy FIVE:
SHOW UP: Don’t wait for them to knock on your door. With a little research, you can find out where the conversations are taking place – social media channels, chat rooms, blogs, etc. Airlines do it. Big brands do it. Sports teams do it. It is virtually free. Monitor your business name preceded by a hashtag (#YourBusinessName). Sit quietly while being praised, respond immediately to negativity. Learn.

START A CONVERSATION: Want to know what people think about your brand? Ask them. You’ll gain a solid insight to your short comings. If you weren’t chosen on a proposal, ask. If you lost the business, ask. Proactively; is you GET that big order, ask.

WIN THEM OVER: Brand enthusiasts are generally more willing to offer personal and contact information than more skeptical consumers. By collecting contact information and staying in touch with them, you can move from conversation to relationship. Act on their input and watch the social media fireworks.

NO VHS TAPE PLAYERS: Brand enthusiasts are some of the most tech-savvy consumers on the planet. As such, they research & engage overwhelmingly using mobile devices. Make sure your website is mobile, fast and compatible with modern browsers. No flash coding.

SHOW OFF: Brand enthusiasts devour content. Provide timely, useful information to your audience. If your brand enthusiasts like what you have to say, they’ll share it with the world.

Want to learn more about how you can generate enthusiasm for your brand? Let’s get started.

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